ICOT 2012 Conference Aims and Scope

Conference Aims and Scope
The development of mass tourism has posed threats and created problems that have affected destinations and local communities in virtually every corner of the world. To overcome the problems of mass tourism, many governments, businesses, communities, and tourism organisations have turned to alternative types of tourism development. One such alternative is ‘special interest tourism’. While this has become a centre of attention for the tourism industry, in academic and professional literature, there is still much that is not known or is not widely known.

Bearing these in mind, ICOT 2012 aims to contribute to the ongoing debate on the issues posed by special interest tourism by covering state-of-the-art theoretical, practical and institutional work on special interest tourism. Through the dissemination of this work the conference seeks to inform future policy on the management of special interest tourism projects by stimulating discussion and the exchange of ideas between tourism professionals, academics, researchers, policy-makers, consultants, practitioners, government officials and postgraduate students from tourism-related fields.

ICOT 2012 will also give participants an opportunity to combine an effective conference experience with a holiday in Archanes, Crete, one of the most famous rural destinations in Crete.