ICOT2015 – Approved Special Sessions

Special Session 1:

Οrganised by: Constantia Anastasiadou & Henrik Halkier

Theme: Tourism governance during public sector reform and financial uncertainty: How can destination management organisations adapt?


Special Session 2:

Οrganised by: Dimitrios Stylidis & Matina Terzidou

Theme: Place Marketing and Sustainability


Special Session 3:

Οrganised: by Amitabh Upadhya

Theme: Political System: The Driver of Tourism Policy


Special Session 4:

Οrganised: by Noga Collins-Kreiner

Theme: Pilgrimage and Pilgrims: Journeys, Destinations, Meanings


Special Session 5:

Οrganised: by Elena Ridolfi

Theme: Advancing Knowledge in Sustainable Tourism Development:
Tourism and Water Nexus